• 4GB
  • Maximum recording time: 1600 hrs.
  • Recording/Playback: WMA/MP3
  • PC connection

PC connection model combining ease of use with a wonderful design
The VN-732PC is the perfect solution to record your voice. This model can be easily mastered by anybody because all functions are easy to use and basic functions have been kept simple. It is also equipped with Simple Mode which is perfect for beginners. A large font is used for the display of only the frequently used functions. Furthermore, this model comes with a convenient portable USB cable that can be stored compactly and can be attached to the strap hole of the recorder to make carrying the recorder even more convenient.

Simple operation for both beginners and people accustomed to using recorders
Large text is displayed on the sizeable LCD screen along with larger operation buttons positioned on the front of the body. This model is designed so that even beginners can perform basic operations with ease. Also, the recorder is provided with two modes for different levels of users. 'Simple Mode' for beginners displays only the necessary information in a large font and also limits menu display to only frequently used functions. 'Normal Mode' is recommended for users who wish to utilise all features of this recorder. Ease of use has also been improved with the incorporation of Scene Select, a feature that makes telephone conversation recording, dubbing, and other recording easy.

Clear high quality sound
The recorder is equipped with an Omnidirectional, low-noise monaural microphone which reduces noise for clear recording. The recorder is also capable of recording low level voices, making it perfect for dictation. There is also a built in stand for easy desk top recording.

Wide range of playback functions
The VN-732PC features various convenient functions such as fast/slow playback as well as skip and reverse-skip playback. Sound is also exceptionally easy to hear thanks to the large speaker at the front.

The recorder is also packed with other great features including voice sync recording and file splitting. With 4GB of internal memory and support for microSD cards, there is no need to worry about recording space.

Box Contents:     2 AAA batteries / Portable USB cable / Instruction Manual

Product Code VN-732PC  
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