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The new Olympus DS-9500 Professional Dictation Recorder puts space-age technology into your hands today. Quite simply, the DS-9500 is the most advanced dictation recorder available today for professionals. Effortlessly send 256-bit encrypted recordings directly from the DS-9500 to be transcribed over the built in WiFi. The Olympus DS-9500 has all the things you loved about the DS-7000 but it has been improved and so has the new version 7 of the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) that handles your dictation workflow.


Near real-time dictation and transcription... Anywhere!

  • Wi-Fi built-in means you can get your critical dictations sent from wherever you are - in the office, out and about, using any network, including your cell phone's hot-spot.

  • Tough as nails: withstands a 4.9-foot drop, durable and built to withstand extreme temp environments and chemicals.
  • Enhanced usability: 40% larger LCD, ultra Long battery life, up 360 hours standby, compared to previous models.
  • Real-time status displayed right on the recorder! You will know when the recording has been transcribed by your assistant right on the recorder itself.
  • New! World's most advanced active phase noise-canceling microphone: Dramatically clearer voice pickup, regardless of background noise. Use it in subways, malls, noisy offices or on the street with confidence.
  • Full integration-ready-tested and works with Dragon MedicalProfessionalLegal, and Law Enforcement speech recognition software: now you can dictate in real-time noisy environments and still have Dragon create a transcript with up to 99% accuracy on the back-end.
  • Multi-Use: Use the same unit for dictation and conference recording, by switching to MP3 true stereo microphones with sound-field re-creation of where everybody is sitting in the room.
  • Easy setup Wizards: Software wizards guide you through the setup process. When you purchase through StartStop.com, you get our expert "concierge" technical support via telephone and/or GotoMeeting™ sessions for as long as you own your equipment.

Why Today's Professionals Choose the Olympus DS-9500

The world is moving ever faster and trying to keep its buzzing noises from interrupting and swallowing up our most important communications is imperative to success. The biggest obstacle to good communication today is capturing it and recording it for easy reference later: days, weeks, and years later. The technological advances packaged in the DS-9500 breakthrough that obstacle quickly and efficiently.

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