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About Us

With 35 years experience we at a.b.c. dictation equipment (a wholly owned Australian Company) know only too well that giving good quality first class service is the name of the game.

Be assured that we will take great pride in providing the best possible service in taking care of your dictation requirements.

We specialise in the SALES, REPAIR and HIRE of all leading brands of dictation systems, in mini-cassette, micro-cassette, standard-cassette and the new digital dictation systems. We also repair accessories and broken cassette tapes.

The use of dictation equipment whether, cassette driven, PC or a Macintosh computer based system makes them a great office tool, saving your business considerable money and time with your communications.

Some of the major brands we support are Philips, Olympus, Dictaphone, Sony, Lanier and Sanyo dictating machines, just to name a few.

Furthermore, we are leaders in the new revolutionary field of digital dictation systems. With our knowledge of modern office technology we are able to offer the best advise on the many advantages of PC dictation. We at a.b.c. dictation equipment advise businesses on the best dictation solutions that are available to assist their business to work at maximum performance.

Our highly trained technical team are at your service to provide the latest information and technical support for your PC or Mac dictation system.

If you have been advised that your dictation system is beyond economical repair due to age or availability of parts, then please contact us for an obligation free quotation and give our expert technical team the chance to prove their skills. The repair will also carry our 3 months warranty on all parts and labour.

So why not contact us here at a.b.c. dictation equipment and experience the new world of digital dictation and like many others you will find the service we provide first class and the dollars saved well worth the contact.

Phone (02) 9559 6884 or (02) 9591 5379 or fax us on (02) 9558 8232
Email: info@abcdictation.com.au

Be well advised by your dedicated team at a.b.c. dictation equipment.

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