•     2GB
  •     Maximum recording time: 52 hrs.
  •     Recording/Playback: PCM/MP3
  •     SD card slot
  •     PC connection

Smart mode enables to anyone to record high-quality recordings. Linear PCM Recorder LS-12 is born
The LS-12 has a new function called smart mode that enables anyone to record high-quality recordings easily. With smart mode, there is no need to resort to difficult manual operation as you can create professional level recordings with just a simple operation. With a maximum sound pressure level of 130dB SPL, which is unprecedented for recorders in this class, there is no clipping even for the loud sounds of drums and other percussion instruments.

Easy manual recording with SMART Mode
Recording outstanding high fidelity audio has never been easier with the LS-12's SMART recording mode. Simply set the dial to 'SMART', press the dedicated recording button and then play with the highest volume during the countdown. The LS-12 will automatically set an appropriate recording level after the countdown. The actual recording shall begin as soon as the countdown finishes.

Maximum sound pressure level of 130dBSPL captures clear sound even in the loudest of environments
The maximum sound pressure level is 130dB SPL, which is unprecedented for recorders in this class.

Functions useful for practising instruments
This recorder includes basic functions such as a tuner and metronome and convenient functions such as a unique overdubbing function.

Useful functions
    - Support for optional remote control RS30W
    - Support for optional Windjammer WJ4 for reducing wind noise
    - Low-cut filter to cut out the noise of air conditioners and other devices
    - Pre-recording function for recording from two seconds before the start of recording
    - BWF support for adding the date and time of creation to recording files. (PCM) New
    - Playback speed adjustable between 50% and 300% without altering the pitch
    - Function for setting an interval to skip or reverse-skip
    - Convenient file splitting function
    - Moving and copying files between internal memory and SD card
    - LINE IN jack for recording voice from another device

Box Contents:     USB Connection Cable, 2 AA Alkaline Batteries, Instruction Manual

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