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The Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder is tailored to meet all professional dictation requirements and is part of the complete Olympus dictation solution comprising voice recorder, transcription kit and dictation management software. Regardless of the dictation situation, this first-class voice recorder has all bases covered in the entire process. Housed in a luxurious matt-black metal body that exudes elegance, it not only plays the part – it also looks the part.

No matter how diverse the jobs you have, the DS-5000 can handle it. Up to seven folders with up to 199 files each are available to organise recordings. So that important parts can be easily found later on, users can set up to 32 index marks per file during recording. Furthermore, the same number of verbal annotations can be appended to each file – giving users the chance to add special notes or ideas to specific sections of previously captured recording. A Job number can also be added to the file before you start recording. A handy verbal comment function additionally allows an overall remark to be attached to a file, which can be used to give the transcriptionist general instructions, for example.

Voice files can be recorded in two different recording qualities, including the new extremely high quality QP mode, enabling the perfect balance of quality and quantity to be selected personally.

For easy access to the most commonly used functions, three programmable smart buttons are available. Support of both SD and microSD memory cards means storage capacity is flexibly managed and can be extended at any time.

The Hi-Speed USB interface is compatible with USB Storage, Audio and HID classes to extend user options. Moreover, the DS-5000 also features a full duplex microphone and speaker. Centralised firmware updates are also possible with this model.

Ensuring the DS-5000 remains up-to-date even in years to come, a special I/O interface has been integrated, allowing plug-in modules of the future to be supported*.

Furthermore, the included DSS Player Pro Dictation Software Module represents a powerful new dictation management tool. This will enable users to flexibly enhance their dictation workflow in a variety of IT environments – no matter how small or large. The software supports multiple file formats including DSS Pro, DSS, WMA and WAV. Moreover, MP3 decoder support is also provided. DSS Player Pro will even automatically update itself – ensuring users always have the most up-to-date solution available to optimise office efficiency.

High security for peace of mind

Business users often discuss matters that are highly confidential – or at least not intended for everyone’s ears. That’s why the DS-5000 incorporates numerous security features to ensure files are protected from unauthorised playback or duplication. For starters, this model allows voice files to be encrypted and decrypted. Furthermore, users can set up password protection on their device. The special DS-5000iD model even enables protection using biometric information. In this way maximum security is assured.

Simplicity in action

While the DS-5000 is a veritable powerhouse, operation remains simple. Menu choices are intuitive to let the user focus on the business at hand. A single slide switch allows the most common functions to be accessed in just a fraction of a second. Further navigation buttons are located ergonomically in the centre of the device to ensure easy data input and access to settings. Allowing all information to be seen at a glance in a choice of six languages, this model also features a large, back-lit LCD, which is protected against scratches thanks to a high-grade, coated screen.

A reliable companion at all times

A business tool is nothing if it is not dependable. That’s why Olympus has gone to great lengths to ensure the DS-5000 performs exceptionally in this regard. Its metal body protects it against the knocks and bumps of daily use. The slide switch mechanism, which runs on rubber rollers for virtually noise-free operation, has been thoroughly tested for extended use. The USB connector and battery door have been specifically designed for heavy-duty treatment. And when it’s time to take the recorder from the desktop cradle to the hand, users will enjoy the convenience of one-hand dock and undock functionality. Furthermore, due to extra-low battery consumption, the DS-5000 continues recording after others have long given up the ghost.

Streamline office workflow further with the AS-5000 Transcription Kit

By coupling the DS-5000 recorder with the AS-5000 Transcription Kit, efficiency can be taken up several notches in businesses of all sizes. Dictation thereby becomes a fully integrated part of the office workflow and the conversion from voice to text is made significantly easier. The AS-5000 Transcription Kit includes a footswitch and headset to ensure ergonomic working by the transcriptionist.

In addition, process efficiency is optimised thanks to the new DSS Player Pro Transcription Software Module bundled with the AS-5000 Transcription Kit. Besides making secure file management easier than ever before, it offers multiple file transfer options to suit individual requirements. Full Citrix and Terminal Service support is provided and it is compatible with POP3, SMTP, IMAP Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes and Extended MAPI email environments. Moreover, SSL support for email/ftp is also included.

The DS-5000 Voice Recorder and AS-5000 Transcription Kit – along with the corresponding DSS Player Pro software – represent a complete digital dictation and transcription system for businesses of all types and sizes.

The Olympus DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder – main features:

* Easy operation with reliable large slide switch. ( runs on rubber rollers for virtually noise-free operation )
* 3 programmable smart buttons. ( can be assigned applicable functions for each mode of operation )
* 3 record modes including New DSS Pro QP audio format ( QP, SP, LP ). ( QP mode improves sound playback quality with wider frequency range and better fidelity. QP mode also yields improved accuracy with speech recognition.
* Up to 7 record folders.
* 10 x Authors and 10 x Work Types.
* Option Item settings. ( can be used to insert Job or Matter numbers )
* File encryption and decryption. ( real time encryption in the DS-5000 or by software after downloading )
* Device lock function by password. ( or finger print impression with the DS-5000iD )
* Full Digital Editing. ( overwrite / insert / erase )
* Centralised navigation buttons for easy data input and settings.
* Large back-lit LCD. ( hard coated acrylic plastic is used on the LCD screen, making it difficult to scratch )
* Long battery life. ( up to 20 hours in QP mode with the included rechargeable battery pack )
* Pending dictation function. ( files marked as pending will not auto download until marked finished )
* Verbal comment function. ( used to record general instructions for transcriptionist within the file )
* Up to 32 index marks per file. ( so that important parts can be marked to be easily found later on )
* Smooth Cue/Review.
* SD and microSD, dual memory cards are supported. ( SD card is used as external card, and microSD card is used as built-in memory. supports SD and microSD up to 8 Gig.
* Durable USB connector for one-hand dock and undock at cradle.
* Hands free dictation function. ( only with optional RS-28 footswitch )
* Automatic software & firmware updates.
* USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, USB composite device (Storage/Audio/HID class)
* Dictation and Conference Microphone settings.
* Voice Activation for hands free recording.
* Microphone and Earphone Jacks.
* Optional barcode scanner.

Delivery content of DS-5000 :

DS-5000 Digital Voice Recorder
Docking station
Dictation Management Software DSS Player Pro R5 Dictation Module (Single User Licence)
USB cable
Rechargeable battery pack
AC adapter
Leather case

Delivery content AS-5000:

E-62 stereo headset
RS-28 PC footswitch with serial and USB adapter
Dictation Management Software DSS Player Pro R5 Transcription Module (Single User Licence)

The Olympus DSS Player Pro software – main features:

Security by DSS Pro support and encryption / decryption
GUI and UI: Full design change, Properties View (Dictation Properties/History), Preview Window (Document and email message), Top viewing for high priority dictation, Filter function
Comfortable individual device & system configuration (Folder structure, Workflow)
Citrix and Terminal Service full support
Email support for POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Microsoft Outlook, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Notes and Extended MAPI
SSL support for email / FTP
Automatic email / FTP profile switching between local mode and network mode
Verbal comment and instruction comment support
More flexible in cooperation with DR-2000 and DR-1000: new programming options
MAC version (with reduced functions) also part of delivery content

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